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User Experience Guide

What You Need To Know About User Experience Testing


In every website, there may be no way that the owner will be able to know the reactions of his users. There may be times that the website owner will not be able to know of the site that he has is performing well. But, there's a way and that way is to test different versions of the sites that he has a number of different users. The use of qualitative and quantitative methods in testing the different variations of a particular website is called as user experience strategy testing. One of the main goals of why these tests are being carried out is to make sure that the marketing goals, as well as the maximum engagement of users, will happen on the website that they have. This is also one way for website owners to understand and know what their users need in order to improve and better the website that they have.


There are different ways in order to test customer experience strategy and one of these ways is the A/B testing. It is in this type of testing that there are two variables using the same website. Most of the elements are the same but there will be one that will be different. It's in this tests that you will know how one element may change the reaction and behavior of the visitors to your site.


Another type is the page analysis. This is one tool that is used by a large search engine company in order to know if people are clicking your site. It's in this test that you will know what your visitors are basically doing on your site. It is also in this test that you will be able to let your visitors do what you virtually want them to do. The data and information that y will get from this test can be used in order to change and even modify the experience that your visitors are having. These changes can be done continuously until the time that you will be able to know and find what your visitors are looking for.


Another type is test is the focus group. This is one test that basically focuses on the subject and their personal experience. The groups that you have will be represented by a number of different people it is through them that you will be able to get insights and feedback on the actual experience that they have on your site. Others information can now be used by you so that crucial changes can be done on your website.


The next type of testing is the one on one testing. This is reviewing the user experience of your visitors in a one on one aspect. These are basically information from people that have already been into your site and have already given previous feedback about their experience. Check out for more information.